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17.11.2010, 00: 57, Mgr., Boris Nakladov

Dr. Masaru Emoto has written a fascinating book: water and the healing power of prayer. It is a book that many photographs prove his theory about the effect of vibration on the quality and structure of water. I think the research Dr. Emota for the core pillar of the entire learning about success, therefore, I will deal in greater detail the interesting content of this rare books.

Dr. Emoto discovered a way to conclusively prove the power of words, even if they are expressed in written form. Prove that the power of words, whether positive or negative, leaves its imprint in the physical world. Special photographic techniques he slides water from different sources, from the water from the water pipes, large towns, after the net, or znečistěnou water from lakes in many countries. This deeply frozen water photographed through a microscope eyepiece. Then water affected the prayer, or the verbal expression of love and mercy, this sample of water then freeze again and again in the same way he photographed. Then these slides. On the first slides were crystalline clusters of different irregular shapes and colors. On the slides of water affected by the prayers and positive words appeared in the magnificent five to sedmiúhelníkové services of similar swirling. And what happened next was even more unbelievable. When Dr. Emoto prayed to the water of the Lake, taken into the transfer bottle, so I changed the structure of the water not only in the bottle, but also in its Lake. As Dr. Emoto in his book: „ Pure prayer to a small quantity of water, managed to transfer the vibrations of the surrounding water. And anyway, we should not forget that we ourselves are water “ the vibration further writes: „ Only, if you like, such as you are when you feel gratitude for my life and cherish yourself, you can keep the same feelings for the other. Because of the nature of the vibration is such that a negative only resonance with negative and positive only with positive. If you have a distorted picture about themselves, you can say and think about good things, but emit and attract good vibes. “ In his experiments with water, Dr. Emoto discovered that water reacted with the inscriptions, such as harmony, Grace, Amen, a cross, Christianity, Islam, Koran, heart, love, Merry Christmas, but also at 666, cloning, War, blasphemy, despair. Enough that these banners attached to the bottles with water samples and no matter in what language were these inscriptions are written. According to the meaning of the words create either beautiful crystals of different formation of flocculated shapes, or twisted, repulsive formation. Dr. Emoto, did these experiments and the distance of the many thousand kilometres and affected the water in his laboratory. The distance was in these attempts no role.

Research Dr. Emota, meanwhile, are the first tangible proof that positive thoughts are a strong creative force that affects the physical world. It is evidence which convinces us that our abound, frankly spelt, or even written affirmations, our frankly expressed prayers, also demonstrate in the Ethereal world. Ladíme, as turning the switch on the radio, the positive frequency around us, which brings you positive results and shape the positive events of our lives.

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