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Champion competition XTB Trading Cup 2011 have taken over in London, € million

Commercial article – the culmination of this year's international investment competition XTB Trading Cup 2011 was the awards ceremony for the main winner in the Mecca of the European financial industry – in London. Three luxury cars Mercedes Benz SLX for the winners in the categories of forex, shares and stock options, and a check for one million euro for the total our winner handed personally to the world champion in Formula 1 in 2008 Lewis Hamilton. Champion competition XTB Trading Cup 2011 have taken over in London, € million
The overall winner in the competition the competitors from eleven countries became Mrs. Adriana from Slovakia, which, during the entire duration of the competition, i.e.. from the 2. 27. may managed to assess its capital 30 000. roughly € 640 000, i.e. by more than 2000%. His victory may give thanks primarily to successful business on the silver, whose price was in may as a swing.

Prior to the victory in the competition not Mrs. Adriana no experience in trading and what happens on the financial markets followed only in the media. It shows that trading on the financial markets is not longer a prerogative only of professionals, even often, it may be common sense, and the correct intuition more than the many years of experience in the field of finance.

Although the investment competition is over, the company X-Trade Brokers for all interested parties on the trading completely free of charge demo-account. More information is available on the Web site. xtb. cz. each may on their own experience the feelings of the trader on financial markets and should also like champion competition XTB Trading Cup 2011 in yourself to discover a hidden talent.

Competition in the Czech Republic has participated in around 50 000 candidates. from about 35% of women.

For some of you, this article will become an inspiration for your next path for success. In the life of all things happen for a purpose and as you are now, and Adriana got the information about trading, which it ultimately moved to a winning position with the price of a million €.

This web site is dedicated to the success and discusses what must be done, therefore, to become the winners to get what you want. You can also become a millionaire just because you're lucky, you'll be at the right time in the right place. This can happen very quickly, if you gather enough positive positive energy and you can wake enough emotion in me. Therefore, often goes to see energy. A positive attitude and belief in miracles. Because obtaining a million just thought-focusing for a miracle, I know what I'm talking about, because I've seen such a miracle. It is possible.  Another path to well-being, I consider that the possibility of trading. Imagine yourself in the morning, when the markets are moving zasednete to počitači and naobchodujete in the course of hours or US $ 100,200 1000. Everything simply by controlling the system that you have inserted into learning enough energy. You have learned on the courses in the XTB- and then you have all the knowledge free polished by the demoúčtech and when you were absolutely sure, so you started doing business with the money. Just 100 or US $ 500, and if you do, return again to demoúčtu and again. It is the only scope that you can learn for free on demoúčtech, which work with the same charts as the largest financial institutions, but completely without risk. He also had been fascinated by Adriana.

I don't know of anything better in the world, either to insert the energy to your wishes and you wish „ some “ way, and wait for the result, or the attempt on physical plain, and this trade.You can try both at once. Sure you read Kiosakiho and you know the cashflow quadrant – richest investors are working only with numbers that indicates a(j)s money. Do not need the workers or the factory, it is abstraction and therefore such knowledge, therefore, disclose publicly trading don't teach in school. There is no scope for trading on a stock exchange. After five years of study, you should get millions and this diploma and the basis of 25000.-because you didn't know the secret.

You may not like my views, but here you outlines the path, and I got to it too late, and I regret it very much. But thanks for this option.

This site and the seminar you want in the spiritual area into a State where your wishes, but everything has its time. Lay that on and are you waiting for, sometimes zalejete emotions. The problem is that někdo can't wait and wait on this method is very important. How many times are the things on the way and you will stop your impatience and doubts. Therefore, to offer you an alternative, where you see how zdokonalujete and as you get closer to your dream. Mastering the one and the other methods, you can get everything you want. That trading Forex and you must change their psychological setting, approximately only 50% of success is knowledge of and compliance with the rules and the rest of the success is to control their emotions. Forex changes you for the better, and you will open up the possibility to refer in the spiritual area, but when even you state.

These combinations and thus this new path to success I consider ideal. As you read the articles, you can see that you were positive events need to emit positive vibes and that is sometime this negativitou busy art world, it is necessary to offer more options and the less mystical is trading Forex and with whom you meet. It remains up to you which way you vyberete. (J)(i)f you've seen that Adriana per month assess his capital in 2000 with our bank you, even when such traders, who helps them generate such profits employ a lot, offers a mere 2% per year!

He got Adrian to trading is also the spiritual path, if the universe was not inclined and showed her this tool, as a physician, or the Clerk would not come to this money.  TO inand with this site to receive the same information. It's not interesting, that is are you reading? Or it is also a sure path direction? Why you are getting this information? Nothing in life is not a coincidence, think about it.

09.07.2010, 17: 17, Mgr., Boris Nakladov

The entire course of seminars you issue, you should know to understand the principle of positive and negative energy and their impact on the implementation of your wishes. You see, when the produkujete negative vibrations, learn how to recognize these energy and change on the positive and you attract into your life the favourable situation. Remember when you were in my life special coincidences when you met someone who you thought, or the moment the call. Many of you have experienced more of these „ a “.

From me, but from you know about these exceptional situations that Carl Jung called synchronizmem. On this topic, he wrote: “ Synchronizmus is a universal energy, which makes any mortal and these energy patterns we create meetings, themes, ideas, and opportunities, within the specified time of the “.

The seminar started, we find peace our negativity, which participates in the „ snap “ to those less-favoured events.  What is the rate of our positive beliefs? Find out what we have ourselves, how we love, what we enjoy, if you count in your desires, how we appreciate how we respond to failure, or if we for our clumsiness, something will not lead.

What we have expected? What is the strength of our faith in success? Find out also what we have the potential. We explain you why our negative programming so energetically prevent the change. Why are there doubts?

How to remove negativity and get a more positive attitude? What role plays our position in life? We are satisfied in the present job? Why are we the same job, same situation and the same partners? We'll show you how in each other and enhance the potential positive energy. As excited passion and what means do we need.

On the specific personal and foreign examples demonstrates what we can achieve in the directing mind. We have examples of people who believed in my success and it reached.

Which properties have helped these successful people?  Which of these characteristics, we have, which we lack, we need to strengthen?

What is self-evaluation? How to create? How does it affect the self assessment of our achievements and failures? How to get a positive self-assessment? What is its relationship to our dreams? How does it affect the realisation of the objectives?

What to do when everyday stress removal, why it must be our daily activities?

We have a series of failures. How to stop their continuation and how to program a success?

What is envisioned under a word success? What role he plays in the success of desire? Right to dream? What is creative visualization? How to learn visualization to attract their wishes? How to set objectives? How to determine what is best for us? How to choose from several options, which is shaped for you? What is assertiveness? How assertive behaviour helps eliminated stress. How will it affect assertive conduct relations with our surroundings. We have examples of positive afirmací for the removal of the negative characteristics, which prevents us from us in the implementation of the objectives. How to correctly build and why some affirmations afirma(c)(e) in accordance with the current literature does not work?

Can they affect relationships? What we should do? We can attract a suitable partner? We can have just such a partner deserve? Can you change it? Yes, you can change it. You'll become more attractive to their surroundings and for his partners.

The joint work of the whole group we deliver those desiring stronger energy charge, than if we all carried separately. We will inform each other of káždém and slight progress. It will strengthen our faith. Make sure, that all this is not just a theory that if someone started to work, why should it not work for us.

Part of indoctrination, are also already carried out various greeting card, which gives ways strange ways they wish to pursue in life. Learn to use the active support technology, suitable for rapid use in everyday life, through which we will remove the stress and thereby avoiding their layering. This is the knowledge that we need to pump to control method, creative dreams and in her understanding of the situation, so that we can correct their own errors. In the course of 30 days of consultations and encounters become themselves the masters of this issue.

Access to trading Forex and if you will be interested in this problem, just to confirm our deficiencies, which in the course of the seminars have proceeded on the surface, and we'll have to admit i had hidden a negative reaction, which in the course of trade. Return and identification with our errors and weaknesses becomes the basis for our positive change. To change the current of the guide is not necessary to do a big correction, just you after the 30-day option to discuss your successes and failures, the basic tenet of „ under the skin „. A small correction to the ship's course, it changes the final target of sometimes hundreds of miles away.

07.07.2010, 00: 49, Mgr., Boris Nakladov
In the last article we're looking for similarities between failure when trading on a stock exchange and failures in life. We have indicated the possibility of the use of trade as a tool to identify our negative characteristics and attitudes which are reflected in our financial decisions. Sledovánini response to the underlying stores, and their subsequent adjustments, we're getting our emotions more and more under control, until the status of their mastery. This fact is reflected in the positive figures of our uuI'm reading. So how are we eventually settled by in the course of trade, our positive characteristics also in everyday life. Let's look at the individuals who are already successful in life and begin to deal with trading on the stock exchange. Their success is immediately reflected in this activity because it already has the characteristics of successful people, unlike the unhappy and unsuccessful smolařů, who have the following characteristics in the course of trade for me to build. Using this method will become for you a challenge. Control of the trade you my reaction, and if you enjoy this activity, you can walk in the footsteps of the successful traderů. Skip to first page of our Web site, click on Trading Forex and read the paragraph devoted to the competition on the between competing was about 10 000 women of different professions, it is nothing unusual, I'm currently the method rentgenoložky from Canada. You'll have the opportunity to earn some extra money at his job, or, if you're successful, you can devote time to this activity a full-time job, it is around 4 hours a day. In our seminars we incite to detect blocks, which prevents us from succeeding. What is Forex?

„ Forex, or Foreign exchanges, also known as the international foreign exchange market, is one word, trading with foreign currencies. By way of introduction, it should be noted that Forex is a stock market in the true sense. Forex is basically a global network of ‘, which is linked to the latest means of communication. It is a system of mutually connecting banks, insurance companies, investment funds and brokerage companies, which are made up of individual investors, which can happen to you. Their common feature is the use of mechanisms that allow you to evaluate the investment depending on the movements of the subject of forexového trade — the currency. Forexový trader is a trader who decides to make a specific movements of currencies, or reciprocal rates between the currencies for example. EUR/USD “.  Software to do this, we take into the computer from the pages of

How our tutoring will take place? Forget not the definition and we'll make it simple. The laptop shows you a system in which in certain formation of curves, which appears on the chart, press the button you enter the trade/buy or sell/a certain way in the generated profit trade exit. It will be for you a simple mechanical action, which you can do easily. You will see how your virtual capital either generates or is losing and you when you experience a range of feelings, which you then analyze.

Trading Forex and – currency markets has one advantage, it can be traded on the so-called. demo accounts. When we use the same software as when trading with real money. The whole implementation of the trade, buying and selling is exactly the same, only with the difference that you are using the virtual capital. It is the only activity in the world, which you can try for free, without any risk, as long as when it naučite.Transactions on the demo account, you wake up emotions, on the basis of which you can discover the unusual reaction of your psyche, you'll discover the reaction, which in the ordinary life of the nesetkáváte, because there still nevyděláváte thousands of dollars a day, and can also, if you fail the rules give up immediately.

Extremely valuable is that you realize that this game, if you take seriously, and if you let their lust, but from patience, See also a new profession in addition to self-control. When you start to talk and you want to connect to the hundreds of thousands of people who have this activity live, offers you the possibility of this activity really pay. From the moment when you can do it, only you will decide how long and how much time you spend daily trading. Only you decide how much you earn. With your laptop you can do business in Thailand on vacation. You will have an open path to all of its nejsmělejším dreams. Financial problems will cease to exist for you. Everything you need to successfully trade you've learned LPlthem without the risk of financial losses on your demo account. When you use the visualization for the improvement of the results and you will have a lot of wish, it will become your fastest way to financial independence. As in attempts to transform lead into gold, the Alchemist affected the chemical reaction and reverse chemical reactions affect the Alchemist. Alchemy provides us with this opportunity osobnostni changes. In the same way as you improve in your trading, and trading you will learn a positive effect of their response. Properties such as impatience, greed, fear, excessive risk-taking, zbrklost, non-compliance with resolutions and rules, lack of attention of, fears, focus, balance, control of emotions, self-discipline, respect for rules, patience, self-control, and mainly, the ability to cope with the possible loss of and start again, without unnecessary emotions and panic.This is also one of the properties of rich people and the successful people. When this activity will satisfy your ambitions, take a look at This page.

Young people, it seems that money is not(j)more important in my life.  When they get old, they know it for sure. O. Wilde
See what they look like charts, Forex and

06.07.2010, 20: 20, Mgr., Boris Nakladov
Several years ago I read a book by Dr. Alexander Elder Trading for living. It is one of the most sold books on trading on the stock exchange. Dr. Elder in it deals with, inter alia, also often nedoceněnou areas and this is the psychology of trading. In addition to the time devoted to current affairs and business, once a week, operates its practice psychiatrist and unsuccessful traders/tradery/stock. Between these losers tradery and a large group of people, who lack the success in life is a certain similarity. We'll try now the basis of the theory of Dr. Elder come to certain conclusions that can help us uncover some of the causes of the failure. To get an idea about trading on the stock exchange, let us hear what he thinks this one of the best publicists and traders: “ virtually all the profession provide us with a kind of safety net, your superiors, colleagues, close, all you can draw attention to your sebedestrukčni tendencies, but there is no such thing on the stock exchange. Markets operate without this minimum aid that exists between people. They give all the wounds of all. Motorway trading is flooded with burning skeletons. Trading is certainly with the exception of the wars, the most dangerous human activities. “ continues: “ If you are running trading you in competition with nejživějšim the brains on the planet. The terrain in which soutěžíte was prepared so that you have a minimum chance to succeed. The market gives rise to a desire for profit and fear to lose what you have. These powerful feelings obscure our ability to perceive an opportunity and danger. "“ Dr. Elder also writes that

For unsuccessful people, there is a way to self-destruction. During his practice, concluded that most of the losses in the life of people coming at the expense of our unconscious wish autosabotáži – stroskotat. Either an individual voluntarily is sinking, and acts like a impulzivin a child, or to the sebedestrukčním behavior, but commented that this behavior can be treated. Failure is not incurable illness.

Millionaire Dr. Elder admitted that he, too, like all the tradeři beats in the trading of a dark side to his personality. Before every trade he says he is aware that he has a defect, which is leading to take decisions financially harmful to its commercial capital. He does it every day even when the stock market's winning thousands of dollars. This is similar as in the Silvově method, where also you must first meet the bad situation. In business, you must have your own weaknesses under control, so you can't rely on you is 100% removed from the world.

In the case of trading at tradera in him raises the quantity absolutely neovladatelných emotions such as fear, doubt, greed, beliefs, impatience, desire, expectations, fears, you mentioned the self-destruction of the elements, but also (e)forii, joy, enthusiasm. Such emotional States they could be compared to the limit situations in life, as if somewhere in the wilderness you save from the wrecked aircraft, or become lost in unknown hazardous landscape or octněte in danger of life. These are moments that will mobilise the cell your potential, both positive and negative and the only activity that can do it, too, is trading. Therefore, the trading I consider one of the key ways to find out the causes of repeated failures. Trading your wire cutters so thoroughly that it's not even the best psychotherapist. You cannot control external events, but you should check the way they behave. How to respond to them.You should not act as Emperor Xerxes, who ordered his soldiers whipped the sea, because the Dove his fleet. As trader's trading journal and it describes what made him enter or withdraw from the trade, in order to improve, you must keep a journal in which you record any successes and failures, and so as a trader is parsed. This find from the past mistakes and more you don't repeat. Most people make the same errors in 60, as is done in twenty, because their life is moving in the same direction. Do you realise, you have the option to change it.
See what they look like charts, Forex and

03.07.2010, 23: 12, Mgr., Boris Nakladov
Arnold Schwarzenegger said of his career, “ when I was very young, I used to imagine that I am who I want to be and I have what I want. Never doubting. The mind truly is something incredible. Before I won my first title of Mr. Universe, I walked through the various competitions, as it has already received.The title was just me. In my mind I had won so many times that I doubted that'll get him. When I got into the film industry, I was doing the same thing. I imagined that I known actor, and I make a lot of money. I felt their achievements and savoured. I just knew that everything would happen. “ Let's look at the other achievements of this remarkable man, from which we should take an example, a man from a poor family of Austria – had electricity, central heating, phone, carpet or faucet – that this place got his due diligence and perseverance, as an immigrant, between the Governors of the United States. As a bodybuilder has won the most awards in the history of the sport. Has won several titles, Mr. Universe, Mr. World and seven titles of Mr. Olympia, what is the highest title in bodybuilding, it is the Championship of all unions, like the Olympics kulturistů. If you're looking for athletes that seven times won a gold at the Olympics, you would hardly find him. It was the biggest success of Arnold Schwarzenegger's highest award. Exercise studied English, business and Economics at the University of Wisconsin. Issued several books, became a columnist on the Mr. Olympia, acquired American citizenship, was elected by „ National Association of Theater Owners “ international star of the year. For its contribution to the world of the film received a star on Hollywood sidewalk of Fame. Arnold was President of the USA George Bush appointed to the position of President of the Council for sport and fitness. Received an even number of other awards and filmed in Hollywood 40 feature films. After the positive acceptance of the film Terminator 3, decided to enter into politics. Option kalifomského the Governor took place 9. October 2003 and Arnold Schwarzenegger with 2 520 911 votes knowledgeably won. In 2011, ended his second term.

Arnold had clear goals and their achievement was the most important tool, and it's creative visualization. She helped him overcome records, that the history of the sport in that time no.

Who knows, if ever so successful athlete ever in the future. Therefore, we dedicate much attention to implementation of creative visualization. We use our imagination to create images, relating to what we want. Walt Disney ordered his staff to carry out this ritual every morning: to show your sleep and said: „ my idea is my fact. “ and this magician creative visualization knew very well what he was doing. This is just one of the ways how to indicate the objectives in life. Determination of the objectives of the nepředepokládá that you have prepared the path, you must have a dream, and faith to him. But what exactly is the definition of the objectives of the ‘? It is transforming the vision into reality, visions of the physical form of the supplies. It is a scenario that we need to make our life. It's the idea that the architect ztvárníte in the plans as soon as possible and be realized in the form of beautiful works of his life. The construction begin to build from scratch, the following timetable and deadline works.The term is very important when setting goals. Many people have written to their objectives and with the deadline. Because it is already too confining. It's already very specific, it is the responsibility of, it's a challenge to succeed, to prove to himself and the whole world that you are able to make it to the end. If you are one of these people,

ask yourself, what stands in the way, and what's in it. It's just excuses, or the real reasons? You can delete them? It is better to have a specific objective with the deadline than say „ ever “. Even its objectives can be corrected during the journey. It is always the main that you move in the right direction. Only you yourself your own beliefs that you can't have it, let us help you get what you want. What is a faith stronger, less doubt. What is your faith stronger, the faster you move to the objective and the objective you starts to go across the street. The law of attraction begins to operate, which will guide you safely to the materialisation of your ideas and you feel the wonderful feeling that your dreams turn into reality.

03.07.2010, 16: 25., CSC., Boris Nakladov
If you chose to, but actually the whole being, change your life for the better, if you have added to your basic goals and objectives of the component that coincides with your main idea and if you filled a maximum of emotion, your dream will begin in this moment to meet even if it will only be a part of its energy.

In the moment when such bold plans for releasing into the air, you become the creators of his fate, and this fate begin to positively influence.

He soon get used to it, the beautiful life, which you miraculously daily fulfils your wishes and make your dreams come true. When linked to the Cosmic source, you will meet people with similar positive vibrations and will leave you with this vibration of the tune. Implementation of all your plans will begin to promote clean energy power and you will feel as if you caught a second wind. Surprise you that everything comes at the right time, sometimes in an unusual way, sometimes in such a that this is contrary to your physical reality. When is your desire strong enough and vroucné when you thanking in advance for the realisation of its objectives and you feel while the immense gratitude, the universe responds to you. Vibrujete on inlthe new length, and he sends you evidence that your wishes on the way to you, that you move in the right direction. Allows you to proofread their objectives and ideas intuitively, without apparent effort.

This feeling of safety and security have already experienced many successful people. This feeling of peace and senior management will lead you safely to the manifestation of your dreams in reality. The point is that you have requested.

In the sky one good man. Saint Peter the great has given him a cloud with a beautiful home and a large garden. Carried out the first garden. Explore the heavenly beauty of flowers and then headed to the beautiful, large House. A good man, he was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the House was furnished. Only in the great Hall, it was amount of crates and boxes. He asked St. Peter: „ Why are you wrapped boxes? “ St. Peter answered him: “ all donations for you, son, when you lived on Earth, but you never asked for them, “.

We'll show you the way to prosperity

02.07.2010, 17: 26, Mgr., Boris Nakladov

Each of us has a different scale for expressing words of success, other ideas how it should look like a successful life. For someone the success associated with the popularity, for another with the acquisition of a large fortune, for someone to achieve the post in employment and for someone not living a contented life in homely partner volume. Generally, we can define the attainment of success, such as important, meaningful objectives, objectives which means for us fulfilling our life. Success is a process that never ends when you reach one, allows you to see the horizons, which until now has been hidden.You more options, more challenges. Achievements have become milestones on your path, milestones, which you have to stop and look back and from the place that you have achieved. Otherwise, your path for success becomes a continuous during that exhausting. The achievements should be enjoy, reward for the effort you have devoted to their achievement. There is no tool to measure success. Bill Gates, Leonardo da Vinci, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Mánhatmá, Alexander, or Caesar, here we can see how diverse the achievements they can fill the life of the individual. Ask yourself, what is success to you? You answered correctly, you will need to clarify the exact definition of what you need to fill your life. If you're looking for your own definition of view of success, you should ask a few questions. That people consider to be successful? What properties they had made to the success of you? When you feel successful and what would be your greatest achievement? It was in an accident? How were you tuned? Were you expecting success? To obtain that material goods would you personally consider success? How will you sound definition of success? If you find this definition, you begin to move in the right direction, without unnecessary loss of time and energy. You'll have to clarify their objectives, if you customize the evaluation environment, or are a manifestation of your internal beliefs. You must find its own fulfillment of life and not worry about the opinion of the company. You'll examine your conscience if you live your life fully and achieve inner satisfaction. The achievement of ůspěchu is always subject to a positive mental attitude and a specific offence. If you have a positive attitude, you'll also attract the positive situation and positive people. All you ponmůže on the way to your success. You will be living situation and the chance that you could never even imagine. Your task will be to notice these miracles, and with love. is to receive. This will met one premise which is necessary in achieving success. Another, no less important, is the particular Act, your particular response to the favourable situation. Your activity must necessarily be supported by expectations of positive results, full commitment and faith. You must desire success more than anything else in the world. You must be its success literally obsessed with. You must act decisively and confidently and be aware of the favourable situation you have literally no allusion to life. You're like a fisherman, who is on the hook, but now it should pull out and do it, it's an obligation to you with respect to your life.

Do you test your commitment to their beliefs, dreams, and specific objectives. Write your success story, its beyond your idea about your future life. Is your story filled with emotions, filled with optimism, expectations, faith and love for life? Your story must be full. If you feel that something's missing, try again. Upravcte. When you feel that it's not right, split the story into individual sections and specific objectives. Track your and nejnitřnější reaction to the individual parts of the story and make a note of it. How beliefs affect you? What assumptions and concerns with the vkrádají between you and your dreams? Delete them. This is the beginning of your own path for the fulfilment of just your own dreams and goals. Porostete with his courage and desire for their implementation, and change your life. All of the major people were as follows. They were people with a firm resolve to achieve its goals, who were after the success of more than anything else in the world. In their lives, as in your place obstacles that are accompanying phenomenon on the path to success. Robinson Crusoe was written in prison, Ludwig van Beethoven wrote his best work is almost deaf, as well postihnutý big Czech music Bedřich Smetana began working at cykle symphonic poems my country „ “, Michelangello during its work on the statue of Pope Julius II. He was so poor that he could not stay at his brother, who had visited him in Bologna, because he had only one bed on which the split with his two assistants. Émile Zolla got up in the morning around half past three usually get one raw egg, and set to work, at noon, he went for a walk along the waterfront, then returned, he lunched a few apples and then went to work.He writes about this period as one of the happiest in his life.

What are the problems that you have in a swinger?

MoneyThe very word money raises many emotions in General. Touching each of us. They are an integral part of our lives. In the esoterické literature tells us, that money is pure energy. There, too, tells us that everything around us is actually associated with the energy that we ourselves are the generators of energy, energy, which vyzařujeme into the area by how we feel, how we respond to the circumstances of the different situations that affect us, and often also to situations which we podsunují media, music, art, movies, TV. It's about us, what we are, what our influences in both the positive and negative direction. If energy in the vyzařujeme is positive or negative, depends on our position. Our position, which may be positive and optimistic, or vice versa. In some situations, we cannot choose. When we look at the film, or read some of the emotion-laden book, we pulled into a matter and energy caused by our emotions, we are attracted to the runways of life, which inevitably must correspond with the energy on the same frequency. When tuning to a radio on the wave of 93.5, is bound to catch up with the station, which broadcasts on this wave. It's with your naladěním. Negative naladěním, resentment, worry, fear, envy, we brought in, even if you're not in your life situation with similar frequencies. You can imagine what it will be in the situation. If we accept that the money is energy, because we never leave the cold and inert, always rejoice that we received the money, or afraid that we lose them, or money with the voltage we expect. Just the money they control our lives perfectly.

Let's look closer at the connection with what we mentioned a moment ago, and with the influence that can be on our emotions, our financial situation. Emotions, in terms of finance, fundamentally, literally, regulate the influx and outflow of money. So, as a negative attitude attracts negative events, and also the negative attitude, fear of lack of money, the fear of loss, or even that they we too much importance, so this works negatively on the flow of money into our lives. Surely you've heard the term "the mentality of the rich". What it really is? It is again the position, the position of wealth, position, vycítíte, for example, when you get into the Four Seasons Hotel, hotel, room, 4000-dollars. What are your feelings here, where there are people who do this the mentality of the rich is not strange? Do you feel comfortable?  People who come here are moving freely, effortlessly, because they are the people of money, people who have grown accustomed to the money and the money accustomed not them. Come to them, are linked with their lives. How to bond with the money? Many of these people weren´t brought up in favourable conditions and the lives of many with the resemblance to your lives, but somewhere there was a change. In a moment of his life, made certain decisions and on the basis of these decisions began to behave and act in a certain way. It was an important moment, which made them the money began to come in. How to act and how they behave, say in the next sequel.

17.06.2010, 23: 27, Mgr., Boris Nakladov

When is our surroundings submissive, krotíme our degree of aggressiveness and adapting to the, when our experience shows that aggressive behavior on the spot that the more we reach that suit our circumstances, and when this occurs more frequently, we become more and more submisivními. We are people who cannot operate, both in ordinary situations in life and in relationships. According to the law of attraction is to us přitaliovány similar circumstances and situation. We have people who use us and which we have to be waited on. We are doing this voluntarily and time become accustomed to this subordinate position, but our awareness don't like it. It can't be fooled. When we grew up in the youth without enough love, buy it in adulthood. When we receive from parents as a suggestion to „ be careful what you say! Don't do it, it's dangerous. It's “, etc. , etc. the following suggestion, even if you're not, indirectly affect our whole life even if it is a prosadíme, or we'll stay forever in diameter. We are unable to give their emotions, laughter or aggression, always checking on how we respond. We were raised to the restraint, the US parents better knowledge. We are not alone. We are not connected with our internal source, with our inner being. We have programmed. Of course you know the people who are there to promote, respond openly and selfishly, I don't care is a different opinion, are noisy, cheerful, showing their emotions, angry, but after a while all forget and bother. Mostly we see in leadership positions, are those who control their submissive employee and who can't bear criticism. They are the ones who allow their increased aggressiveness.

It is important for you to realize in what environment you grew up and how your parents reacted to the chapter you aggression if they were authoritative, or submissive, and that hadn't learned to repress your emotions. Aggression and submissivity, Goya, completely opposite to the danger. Both types of behaviour are extreme, but subconsciously we feel that submisivity us in the life they actually decide on our life for others. Eternal adaptation we live the lives of other people, not his, we voluntarily, dependent on foreign opinion, if consciously seek and time on such bezkonfliktní behavior will, subconsciously we feel a kind of dissatisfaction and injustice, settle in the US, and the stress of layers by zaděláváme to the disease. My whole life is to release the internal overpressure. We are not satisfied with their lives, we are not satisfied in their relations with their nearest neighbour and, indeed, the scrape of the us many things. According to the law of attraction, we can receive in this situation even more similar and worse things. All this unconsciously our dissatisfaction and criticism of we. Coming at us with more and more negative experiences. We are in a vicious circle, always adapting and smiřujeme with many things and situations that we don't like. In this State, we cannot in my life to attract nothing positive. Our negative vibration prevents us from fulfilling any wishes, if we left it some energy. Some spiritual healers advising us, in this case the nevzdorovat negative, set the other face and act even more submisivně, but we already know that this affects the fulfilment of our wishes, the only option is to respond to stimuli around otherwise than hitherto. The only possible way, which is not extreme, is assertive behavior. By odbouráte creating negative vibrations, which has not yet formed. If we act in a behavior and enforce his will, we must start to slowly and subtly, trying it on the less important matters. You serious problems we'll save it for later, if we are to control the behavior of the asertivního method. We must not be afraid of the other angry, because otherwise they become masters of our lives. We have to learn to react differently than they were accustomed to from us. We need to start saying no. "at the beginning it will not respond because they are accustomed to, but slowly you begin to realize that we're serious and they will have to change its position to us. Get ready for it, try it in front of the mirror. If you want to ignore, again like a broken gramodeska „ I hear over and over again, what you're saying, but I'm on your mind … “ don't need explanations, arguing in circles and …. “ I told you his opinion when he said he doesn't want to hear “ close conversation and leave. This will begin to address the current situation, but in the us remain the old grievances, lots of compensating wrongs that we have to delete. We Uskladňovali in a long time. A well-known author, England, mentions the Gwain after years of removal of silt began to feel free and began to attract people with similar vibrations. To whom we feel anger, who controls us, who posluhujeme and who don't feel well? Who to us is wrong, who feared his already, who destroys the confidence, reduced self-esteem and self-respect? Have you heard about the method of hitting the pillow? Luis Hay once told the old lady, who came to her for advice. She gave her a cushion to beat and he imagined someone who makes problems. Artritická Lady began to hit the pillow with such force that she wondered. When she got that aggression, she grabbed a stick and left on his own and not even realize that it is no longer used a stick as he walked, as support. Try it, it's not unusual for method and it is one of the nejúčinnějšich.

When disturbed, and you have more imagination, think of yourself as you hit the wall, or into the pillows, or into a punching bag and in this way you can get off the excess pressure that causes negative emotions. Remember that you must under all circumstances to try to be cool, regardless of what you think, who has somehow manipulated or even knowledge, you must start to think, talk and do what you feel is good for you. The main thing is to try to remain always relaxed and cool. Tuning the positive vibrations and thus can into his life favourable events, and thereby also positively affect physical reality.

27.11.2010, 02: 42, Mgr., Boris Nakladov

All the articles discuss the way to success, or about its limitations. Maybe you're the type of person who overcomes the stress of the situation.In that case, you will have great benefit from articles about overcoming stress. Maybe you are the lucky person, optimist, which may give their visions and may not accommodate all those restrictive factors which mere ztrpčují life. If you are one of them, you have a path open, you have the plan and you will be playing with the images, as long as your goals.

But if you belong to this group of people, sure you'll take to heart a few recommendations and start to experiment with his life. Start noticing everything nice, what life brings. Write all these enjoyable activities that you like doing and which you have already paid for a long time and start with them more and gladly paid. Your creative energy and satisfaction with your life changes. You stop paying attention to the mrzutostmi and failures, and when you will be in the spirit of people who are in your heart cause bad feelings, or even hatred, wish to intensively joy, satisfaction and the same nice things, your relationship to them, and the opposite of their relationship to you, changes. Your relations introduced on the deepest psychological level.

We said that the most important for the crowd in the success is to have a good feeling. That you will also have to remind you more of their achievements. Read manuscript and achievements that you have achieved in the course of the earlier life. This will increase confidence in your future. Don't all these precepts and recommendations and make it simple. Start with small changes, for example, through one station on foot on the way from school or work. You act like a machine, and you begin to notice their surroundings, thoroughly renounce to one day critics. All that they are, if you continue to experiment with, the things that you will begin to slowly change the life and the perspective for the better. These small changes to crash your everyday stereotypes. Know you're getting so peacefully the groundwork of a new life. All the recommendations in articles and in the seminary and in personal consultations aim to ensure that you are tuned in to the right wavelength the right vibration of success. Please don't take my advice seriously, every one of us is a unique individual, because someone will agree with my views more and some less. My goal and i'm sure your is the conversion of your present personality in the personality of the successful. To succeed, you do not need the apartment nor intelligent, and very educated. Look at the amount of rich people who just this lack. The only thing I want from you, and what I'm trying to, to believe in miracles. Only this faith will bring you more in my life than any high school. You will have happiness, which is inaccessible for many intellectuals. Brings you through the various adversity that sometimes in life, appears as the law of, and who cares about it that wasn't too displaced on the positive side, to get into equilibrium. I believe in miracles, and the results of this faith, I will present in the course of its seminars. Following you to your seminar warmly pozývám, and I'll try to work this month, was one of the most important months of your life.

24.11.2010, 00: 51, Mgr., Boris Nakladov

Rozeberme question, why everything goes the way you wish?

On the road for success are many stops, when you don't know why your success is turning back. What do you do in your free time? What literature are you reading and what films you enjoy? Maybe that is the core of the problem. If you can identify with your hero and the anticipation of his story, which is not strictly a positively tuned, you are filled with emotions, which can attract the life energy of similar things and situations. The same is true of the various homicidal and horror scenes. At a seminar shows you photos where you can see what it will do one negative, i just expressed the idea in writing with crystals of water. And that's just one word, imagine what's going on in the two-hour horror movie.  I once counted how many negative notice appears in the reports we have known the horrors of the TV station. There were seventeen, the only "positive “ was that chimpanzee member at the ZOO was born. No successful people say they don't have time to watch TV. Intuitively, the negativnímú influence. Unfortunately, these negative effects even when you're at načerpáváte table with someone who fits you "“, whom the presence you must tolerate, and comfortable. At this point, you are also in the "black negative zone. “

Your goal, if you are taking seriously their intention to become successful is to avoid similar situations and unpleasant people. Try to maintain a certain unpleasant situations, oversight, or try to avoid them. Writer Vadim Zealand writes: "when you browse the paintings, and you see an image that you don't like, you turn and look the other way, I'm sure you will think of off of the wall. “ Also we in this world not spoil mood kritizováním. Here we are as in obrazárně, just visitors, therefore, to events like stavme. With this approach we have to thoroughly check your feelings.

Life you must be always on the bright side, follow the veselohry rather, listen to jokes, take my body, exercise, relax, straňte with unpleasant people. Don't listen to sadness, nor negative message, you may be one that anyone in Bangladesh fell from the tree. Always on the look out for all the wrong and on the bright side, too attached also to the crumbling relationship. Moving your energy, which you'll see when you search for a new partner.In the seminar, we'll tell you how to attract a suitable counterpart, but its current partner to assist or further partners will be completely the same. Think about the following story: before the gate of the city was Sage. He came to the traveller and asked him what kind of people live in this town, but the Sage than answered him, put a similar question: "what kind of people live in the city where you're missing?" “ "live there all bad people, lazy, and my estimation, steal … “ Sage for it says that here find the same people as the … there comes another bystander and puts the wise of the same question. Sage asks him, what kind of people live in the city from which he comes. Traveller responds that they are people monkeys, gregarious and hardworking. He Sage says that in the city in which it is, they're the same people as in town, from which comes the … and so it goes in the relations, if you don't put it down bad experience, and bring them into a new relationship, so you will be always alert and still is subconsciously you expect. If you disagree with someone, if it is a partner, or you're leaving from work, get to a positive frequency, remind yourself of what was good and bad. That you do not change, Inc., and again get into the life of something similar. Philosophy of dedicated learning reiki, has five doprovodních spiritual principles, read them and think about them a bit:

Today I'll leave all the anger. Now forget all worries.

Today you remind how much luck I had. Today I'm going to discharge their tasks fairly.

Today I'll be kind to all living beings.

These principles set the equilibrium energy status and you will receive more of the životodární space energy. Look to the future with expectations the best. It's a good tune when you turn the success of stops. These positive principles, if you stick to them, they will begin to shape your positive future.

17.11.2010, 11: 05, Mgr., Boris Nakladov

This article is a loose continuation of the first article „ What prevents us from success in “. Let's look more closely at the issue of stress and relationships, which cause undesirable stress of the situation.

If you feel the need to deal with this issue, if your not going to pressure or manipulation and you are satisfied with their surroundings, you can skip this article.

   In the book „ Learning Abrahámovo “ we can read that “ if you care about how you feel and you will be trying to deliberately looking at things in a way that will be our imaginations to you will feel better and better, the more you allow and denying the less – the circumstances of the events of your life will reflect this change immediately “. When we feel good, we indicate that we're getting to the stress of the situation. Stress is in our dictionary full of normal Word that we hear every day. It is also one of the limiting factors that hamper the us on the path to success. „ to “ was broadcast on a wavelength of positive positive range and attracted to his life a positive event, we should learn how to work with the stress. Here are a few examples, which normally runs our stress response are different effects causing discomfort, our aggressive reaction, fear, financial problems, when something or someone is preventing something we want, or when things are for us the negative direction. In one published table concerning stress I read on this scale on stress: 100 points the death of close persons, 73 points distribution, 53 points-injuries and illness, 50 points marriage 47 points, loss of employment, 45 points, 39 points of birth of the child, etc. In the more than fifty points is probably that we are getting into stress. It may be, but also a number of clustered small changes. Make a list of everything you said recently. Is it something that is repeated? It won't do anything? It's important, or each stress event is recorded deep into your subconscious mind, depending on the intensity and duration of this situation. If your current status, or our expectations, negative, the subconscious is trying to attract a similar situation, like vibration, fill out your negative wishes. When we have a bad feeling about something, we like the negative býle that prevent us to see the positive situation, even if they were only a few inches apart. We have in this context recognize that only we are responsible for how we respond to what we are seeing. When we got to stress, we also have options to affect him. We can go to the movies, play loud Favorites songs, go for a run, start breathing belly, when the stress we breathe normally the upper part of the lungs, can we do something unusual, such as a cold shower, make 200, all the skips are external stimuli, which impede the progress of our stress.

As the prevention of stress it is important how we feel and how we believe. Faith in yourself and better health, we get a daily regular and short exercise. We should get more sleep, learn to relax and breathe properly. The best medicine for stress prevention. To avoid the normal stress situations, we should better organize time, identify your objectives and also priorities. It's mechanical, repetitive activities, like the daily cleaning of the teeth. Let's take it as if we're going by car and run out of gas, we're not saying that we don't have time to fill it. Known mystic Osho proposes us to notice, to find and appreciate the Nice and interesting things from our surroundings, every morning on the way to work. Note nice colors in the facades of the House, to appreciate the beauty of the tree around which you, praise the beautiful car, moving around to congratulate you and in the spirit of his drivers … that we obtain a positive energy to the supplies, or any awards produces a certain amount of this energy. Can we stop for a minute, close your eyes and listen to the surrounding sounds. At the moment our thinking. Cannot do two things at once. It can take only ten, twenty seconds, but meditujme. Our mind is empty … we should do several times a day, it's the shortest, very beneficial meditation. All of this is the prevention of stress. But when we have already seized Let us use what we were taught in the Dale Carnegie course. Ask what "question: „ What the worst can happen to me? “, then prepare to accept, if necessary, and then try to calm the worst alternative enhancement.  Help us and the analysis of the problem. Toanswer questions: „ What I have a problem? “, „ What is the cause? What are the possible solutions? Which solution is the best? “ If the problem is larger, we use paper and pencil.

Only the disassembling and finding a solution to the problem positively ovlivníme your feelings. The feelings that we have to dominate our success more influence, than work on the physical plane. Even the feelings of the people in our neighborhood, they have an effect on how we feel. When we interfere with the foreign feelings, we're getting into their power. Begin to influence your decision to your opinions. When we act differently than you are from that in the best case, sad, or angry at you. We must not feel responsible for it. It is just an attempt to manipulate you. This will gradually become slaves to moods of someone else. The world weighs separate people and their attitude is too richly rewarding. When someone against his will, podvolíme, he is satisfied, but we pay for it with his resentment and it is against all the principles of success. Thus we are wasting your inner energy. When someone forces us to do something, let us try to resist it, in which case we'll be satisfied, and he let his anger settles itself. Do not respond to various comments which you people trying to arouse guilt. Don't feel guilty, even if at the request of someone answering a word „ NOT “, it's your decision, and the rest of the time to adjust to this change your position. Respond differently than ever before. Place „ YES „ NO “ to call “ to start. Respond differently than your neighborhood accustomed. You are a free human being, therefore, try to never have a feeling of guilt, be wary and dispose of him in his early days. Try it! Determine the exact boundaries, where you can enable their influence. Give your surroundings clearly, what you like and what you don't like. You are solely responsible for your decision to only yourself. Too you observe when someone tells you „ NOT “. Do not criticize. Try to deal with things calmly and constructively. Their new attitudes start to be tested on small matters, and your neighborhood's time on this change in the behavior of get used to it. What do you think people who weighs more, who, acting alone, can take care of himself, expresses its opinion and lead you to say „ NOT “, or those who let them control and still someone posluhují? Don't let them manipulate, hear the opinions of others, but make the field themselves, don't have committed to do everything what you are asking for. Practice their opposition and become all equal partners. The sentence as a „ I understand you, but I see it otherwise “. „ does it to me today, so I won't do it, do it yourself “. What you say I don't like it, you get rid of ‘ … depending on your surroundings and do you separate from the man. Do not attempt to obtain recognition of the other, it's tiring and never-ending process. When you do this, no one will recognize you.

To ensure that you comply with your surroundings and were, you, too, is the only way, and that is, to learn to appreciate themselves.

 Get the energy that you have made. A man who is not worried about what others thought of him and doing what I considered to be correct, is on track to achieve its goals.

17.11.2010, 00: 57, Mgr., Boris Nakladov

Dr. Masaru Emoto has written a fascinating book: water and the healing power of prayer. It is a book that many photographs prove his theory about the effect of vibration on the quality and structure of water. I think the research Dr. Emota for the core pillar of the entire learning about success, therefore, I will deal in greater detail the interesting content of this rare books.

Dr. Emoto discovered a way to conclusively prove the power of words, even if they are expressed in written form. Prove that the power of words, whether positive or negative, leaves its imprint in the physical world. Special photographic techniques he slides water from different sources, from the water from the water pipes, large towns, after the net, or znečistěnou water from lakes in many countries. This deeply frozen water photographed through a microscope eyepiece. Then water affected the prayer, or the verbal expression of love and mercy, this sample of water then freeze again and again in the same way he photographed. Then these slides. On the first slides were crystalline clusters of different irregular shapes and colors. On the slides of water affected by the prayers and positive words appeared in the magnificent five to sedmiúhelníkové services of similar swirling. And what happened next was even more unbelievable. When Dr. Emoto prayed to the water of the Lake, taken into the transfer bottle, so I changed the structure of the water not only in the bottle, but also in its Lake. As Dr. Emoto in his book: „ Pure prayer to a small quantity of water, managed to transfer the vibrations of the surrounding water. And anyway, we should not forget that we ourselves are water “ the vibration further writes: „ Only, if you like, such as you are when you feel gratitude for my life and cherish yourself, you can keep the same feelings for the other. Because of the nature of the vibration is such that a negative only resonance with negative and positive only with positive. If you have a distorted picture about themselves, you can say and think about good things, but emit and attract good vibes. “ In his experiments with water, Dr. Emoto discovered that water reacted with the inscriptions, such as harmony, Grace, Amen, a cross, Christianity, Islam, Koran, heart, love, Merry Christmas, but also at 666, cloning, War, blasphemy, despair. Enough that these banners attached to the bottles with water samples and no matter in what language were these inscriptions are written. According to the meaning of the words create either beautiful crystals of different formation of flocculated shapes, or twisted, repulsive formation. Dr. Emoto, did these experiments and the distance of the many thousand kilometres and affected the water in his laboratory. The distance was in these attempts no role.

Research Dr. Emota, meanwhile, are the first tangible proof that positive thoughts are a strong creative force that affects the physical world. It is evidence which convinces us that our abound, frankly spelt, or even written affirmations, our frankly expressed prayers, also demonstrate in the Ethereal world. Ladíme, as turning the switch on the radio, the positive frequency around us, which brings you positive results and shape the positive events of our lives.

23.11.2010, 05: 20, Mgr., Boris Nakladov

As an example, in drawing up the plan, we will serve the objective of Bruce Lee:“ I, Bruce Lee, became the best paid Asian star in the United States. In return I will give to the most attractive performances and as an actor, I'll excellence. In early 1970, I can reach the world renown and until the end of 1980, do I get a net 10 million dollars. I live as I please, I can reach the inner harmony and luck. “

Bruce Lee really has become a famous star and best paid Asian actor in the United States. In its life plan, we feel a commitment and a clear intention to. See also the dates and the exact amount that you wish to obtain, but also something that our living plans lack, and what it provides in return. "The most attractive performances and as an actor, I'll excellence “. The subconscious is automatically set to improve the quality of his acting performances. If they do not mention in your life plan financial amounts, even this approach has won the money. Stick things out what kind of life would have imagined, but a hint of the quality expresses the sentence: I live as I please … Its the plan concludes the most important wishes and it's … „ can reach inner harmony and luck. “

Let's look at one more time on the objectives of Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Arnold Schwarzenegger said of his career, “ when I was very young, I used to imagine that I am. What I want to be and I have what I want. Never doubting. The mind truly is something incredible. Before I won my first title of Mr. Universe, I walked through the various competitions, as it has already received.The title was just me. In my mind I had won so many times that I doubted that'll get him. When I got into the film industry, I was doing the same thing. I imagined that I known actor, and I make a lot of money. I felt their achievements and savoured. I just knew that everything would happen. “

The famous violinist Vanessa Mae, during the short period which has reached worldwide fame says: “ has daily exercise to me, the success of the violin, and an hour of meditation in which I vizualizovala the successful “ performance.

Many people have a specific idea of what they want out of life, they want wealth, quiet life, recognition, but it is far away from the meaning of the word plan. It's just a wish and desire is a vague expression of something that people lack what they lack. The word wealth is only a neutral expression, also the same as the word prosperity. None of this nepřivábíte just wish.To control the destiny of the Championship is the most important element of the visualizations. You must exercise in how you want to see. When you see it, you'll believe it.  You have to specifically say what the concepts of well-being and wealth, the thinking and the specific ideas of a strong, intense desire to load, you must have the motivation and belief that your dreams will materialize. You have to be so confident that you'll be able to use the sentence from the Arnold Schwarzenegger: “ I just knew that everything would happen. “

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