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If you want to build a large enterprise, make one first.

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What are the Dale Carnegie Training ® unique?

Learn only what you should know, but learn how to involve the principles that lead to success in your life. How to "maximize" their ability or their people.
A comprehensive system of courses, Dale Carnegie Training ® is developed since 1912. Currently, using the services of more than 2 700 specially-trained coaches practising ski in 25 languages of the individual and the contracting clients in 87 countries around the world. The basics of the method and its practical implementation are summarized in three books – "how to get rid of worries and start living", "how to win friends and influence people" and "How to speak and act on the other in the course of the negotiations." By Dale Carnegie, founder of the company. TO— books have become international bestsellers and have been translated into 36 languages and read by more than 44 million people. Titul "how to gain friends and influence people," declared the US magazine Business Life in their poll for best management book 20. the century. In a global survey on customer satisfaction, conducted by organizations Motorola University, Dale Carnegie ® were evaluated as the most effective. Dale Carnegie ® type has passed already more than 7 million people and are a permanent part of the training plans of the most successful companies such as. General Motors Corp., IBM Corp., Chrysler Corp., which the numbers of graduates in desetitisících. Among the best known by include Bill Gates and Lee Iacocca.

The world's most successful investor: WARREN BUFFET

Today is proud that in 1951 he participated in the Dale Carnegie Course.
„ the best investment that I've ever done, was a Dale Carnegie “.
The entire article in HEROES AND PIONEERS. the TIME

In the show for the BBC, Warren Buffet says: "In my Office I have hung a diploma from a College or University, but hangs me a diploma of completion of Dale Carnegie course which changed my life.

Warren Buffett's legendary investorwho owns BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY Inc., whose shares have risen almost from zero up to 150 000 USD. Bought these shares as businessmen realise the ticket at the general meeting of shareholders, where each year he lectured his speech and was the economic results. Alternately moving on the first and second, third last year, ranking as the world's richest people.

The richest people in the world for the year 2011:
In the first place is the jednasedmdesátiletý Mexican Carlos Slim Helú. The value of the asset is $ 74 billion.
The second place belongs to Bill Gatesovalso, the value of the asset is the gates of 56 billion dollars.
Third place, best friend, Bill Gates and investor in the world Warren Buffet. His fortune is $ 50 billion.

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