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Forex and success

06.07.2010, 20: 20, Mgr., Boris Nakladov
Several years ago I read a book by Dr. Alexander Elder Trading for living. It is one of the most sold books on trading on the stock exchange. Dr. Elder in it deals with, inter alia, also often nedoceněnou areas and this is the psychology of trading. In addition to the time devoted to current affairs and business, once a week, operates its practice psychiatrist and unsuccessful traders/tradery/stock. Between these losers tradery and a large group of people, who lack the success in life is a certain similarity. We'll try now the basis of the theory of Dr. Elder come to certain conclusions that can help us uncover some of the causes of the failure. To get an idea about trading on the stock exchange, let us hear what he thinks this one of the best publicists and traders: “ virtually all the profession provide us with a kind of safety net, your superiors, colleagues, close, all you can draw attention to your sebedestrukčni tendencies, but there is no such thing on the stock exchange. Markets operate without this minimum aid that exists between people. They give all the wounds of all. Motorway trading is flooded with burning skeletons. Trading is certainly with the exception of the wars, the most dangerous human activities. “ continues: “ If you are running trading you in competition with nejživějšim the brains on the planet. The terrain in which soutěžíte was prepared so that you have a minimum chance to succeed. The market gives rise to a desire for profit and fear to lose what you have. These powerful feelings obscure our ability to perceive an opportunity and danger. "“ Dr. Elder also writes that

For unsuccessful people, there is a way to self-destruction. During his practice, concluded that most of the losses in the life of people coming at the expense of our unconscious wish autosabotáži – stroskotat. Either an individual voluntarily is sinking, and acts like a impulzivin a child, or to the sebedestrukčním behavior, but commented that this behavior can be treated. Failure is not incurable illness.

Millionaire Dr. Elder admitted that he, too, like all the tradeři beats in the trading of a dark side to his personality. Before every trade he says he is aware that he has a defect, which is leading to take decisions financially harmful to its commercial capital. He does it every day even when the stock market's winning thousands of dollars. This is similar as in the Silvově method, where also you must first meet the bad situation. In business, you must have your own weaknesses under control, so you can't rely on you is 100% removed from the world.

In the case of trading at tradera in him raises the quantity absolutely neovladatelných emotions such as fear, doubt, greed, beliefs, impatience, desire, expectations, fears, you mentioned the self-destruction of the elements, but also (e)forii, joy, enthusiasm. Such emotional States they could be compared to the limit situations in life, as if somewhere in the wilderness you save from the wrecked aircraft, or become lost in unknown hazardous landscape or octněte in danger of life. These are moments that will mobilise the cell your potential, both positive and negative and the only activity that can do it, too, is trading. Therefore, the trading I consider one of the key ways to find out the causes of repeated failures. Trading your wire cutters so thoroughly that it's not even the best psychotherapist. You cannot control external events, but you should check the way they behave. How to respond to them.You should not act as Emperor Xerxes, who ordered his soldiers whipped the sea, because the Dove his fleet. As trader's trading journal and it describes what made him enter or withdraw from the trade, in order to improve, you must keep a journal in which you record any successes and failures, and so as a trader is parsed. This find from the past mistakes and more you don't repeat. Most people make the same errors in 60, as is done in twenty, because their life is moving in the same direction. Do you realise, you have the option to change it.
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