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MoneyThe very word money raises many emotions in General. Touching each of us. They are an integral part of our lives. In the esoterické literature tells us, that money is pure energy. There, too, tells us that everything around us is actually associated with the energy that we ourselves are the generators of energy, energy, which vyzařujeme into the area by how we feel, how we respond to the circumstances of the different situations that affect us, and often also to situations which we podsunují media, music, art, movies, TV. It's about us, what we are, what our influences in both the positive and negative direction. If energy in the vyzařujeme is positive or negative, depends on our position. Our position, which may be positive and optimistic, or vice versa. In some situations, we cannot choose. When we look at the film, or read some of the emotion-laden book, we pulled into a matter and energy caused by our emotions, we are attracted to the runways of life, which inevitably must correspond with the energy on the same frequency. When tuning to a radio on the wave of 93.5, is bound to catch up with the station, which broadcasts on this wave. It's with your naladěním. Negative naladěním, resentment, worry, fear, envy, we brought in, even if you're not in your life situation with similar frequencies. You can imagine what it will be in the situation. If we accept that the money is energy, because we never leave the cold and inert, always rejoice that we received the money, or afraid that we lose them, or money with the voltage we expect. Just the money they control our lives perfectly.

Let's look closer at the connection with what we mentioned a moment ago, and with the influence that can be on our emotions, our financial situation. Emotions, in terms of finance, fundamentally, literally, regulate the influx and outflow of money. So, as a negative attitude attracts negative events, and also the negative attitude, fear of lack of money, the fear of loss, or even that they we too much importance, so this works negatively on the flow of money into our lives. Surely you've heard the term "the mentality of the rich". What it really is? It is again the position, the position of wealth, position, vycítíte, for example, when you get into the Four Seasons Hotel, hotel, room, 4000-dollars. What are your feelings here, where there are people who do this the mentality of the rich is not strange? Do you feel comfortable?  People who come here are moving freely, effortlessly, because they are the people of money, people who have grown accustomed to the money and the money accustomed not them. Come to them, are linked with their lives. How to bond with the money? Many of these people weren´t brought up in favourable conditions and the lives of many with the resemblance to your lives, but somewhere there was a change. In a moment of his life, made certain decisions and on the basis of these decisions began to behave and act in a certain way. It was an important moment, which made them the money began to come in. How to act and how they behave, say in the next sequel.

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